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Olympic long jump champion Malaika Mihambo believes she is on track to prepare for the World and European Championships in July and August.

“The competition was good, but I noticed there was more to her,” the 28-year-old from LV Kurpfalz said after winning her sixth title at the German Athletics Championships in Berlin.

With 6.85 meters she was ahead of the competition again. Maryse Lozolo of Konigstein came in second with a distance of 6.60 metres. “The good performance in the lead-up to the match wasn’t quite right, but I have a feeling the feeling of the second stage is coming back,” Mihambo said. “Now it’s just little things that don’t quite work. Overall, it feels good.”

Triple project started successfully

Winning the national championship was the first goal of her triple project, which now includes defending her world title from July 15 to July 24 in Eugene, USA and three weeks later at the European Championships in Munich. “The physical and technical conditions are perfect. Ahead of the two big shows, I can get more energetic and better,” she said three times, “Athlete of the Year.”

Ahead of the World Cup, she’ll be competing in the long jump at the Diamond League meet in Stockholm on Thursday and possibly running the 100 and 200 meters at a smaller sports festival. Departure for training camp in Santa Barbara, California is scheduled for July 11. “The fine-tuning will achieve the necessary little. Then everything is fine, Mihambo said.

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Repeating their golden successes in the World and European Championships is not a sure success for them. “These are not contests given to you. That is why I am humble, you have to keep working for it.” “You don’t get anything for free.” She opened the season with a jump of 7.09 metres, but hasn’t crossed the seven-meter mark since.

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