Is LPG the energy of the future for rural areas?

In the wake of the power shortage, LNG is gaining increasing interest. This is CNG, the compressed form of methane, for example to power natural gas vehicles, and LNG, the liquid form, for example as a fuel for the movement of heavy goods, as energy expert Jutta Heinenberg of Raiffeisen Warendorf eG explained Wednesday at the Agri-Entrepreneurship Days in Monster.

10 to 15% energy input is required to process LNG. Natural gas liquefies through strong cooling and can be stored and transported in this state.

In contrast, liquid gas, consisting of propane or butane, is obtained here in Germany as a by-product in the refining process. This is relatively environmentally friendly, Hinenberg explained. Three quarters of domestic production with the advantage of short transportation routes. And when it is burned, about 20% less carbon dioxide is produced than heating oil.

In addition, far fewer air pollutants such as particulates and nitrogen oxide emissions are released into the environment,” says Raiffeisen’s Head of Energy. Another plus point: Liquid gas can also be used in water protection areas.

A gas condensing boiler can be used as an efficient heating system in the home and in the yard. This can also be combined with solar thermal energy. There are other uses for gas heat pumps or for a combined heating and power plant. In general, liquid gas can be used very flexibly in mobile and off-grid power supplies, from forklifts to heating power to power for livestock, grain dryers and other heat generation devices.

By the way, the state continues to support investments in the renewable part of hybrid systems. Hennenberg stated that the new support rates are in effect since August 15.

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Raiffeisen Warendorf eG provides extensive advice on this topic and also has the only cooperative liquid gas storage facility in Germany. According to Hennenberg, it also has its own fleet of modern trucks. Delivery of liquid gas and tanks without a contract. Raiffeisen takes care of delivery, connection and testing.

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