Ireland’s next World Cup win thanks to Daniel Coyle

Ireland’s Daniel Coyle is currently running. After three wins in the past four weeks, he has shown this impressively for the fourth time. With Legacy, he won the World Cup stage in Toronto (Canada).

Daniel Coyle (IRL) and Persians Legacy, introduced by Belgian Annelies Vorsselmanns, have been competing in international tournaments for more than four years. Otto Becker’s granddaughter, Cinto, bears the Zangersheider brand because of her father, Chippendale Z. She is now twelve years old and has taken on some of the toughest jumps in the world. This year alone, for example, she won the Nations Cup Rotterdam Double zero and was in the top ten several times in the World Cup stages at 1.60 meters.

Last year, Daniel Coyle also ranked 10th in the singles rankings with the Persians in European Championships in Risenbeek Became, the team took fifth place there. Also this year the pair were part of the Irish team at the World Championships in Herning (DEN), where his team was fourth place occupied. Quill himself finished it final singles But not with Legacy.

After a break in the tournament with the aim of winning

The mare appears to be doing well after a two-month hiatus from competitions. Immediately on her debut in the 1.55m class, she led the lap of honor, followed by two World Cup placements at Upper Marlboro MD and the 1.55m class in Toronto (CAN).

At the World Cup jump in Toronto, Daniel Coyle and Ellegacy’s time was now impervious to competition. With a gap of over two seconds and the only second round without error, they beat Danielle Plowman (ISR) with Gemma W and Tiffany Foster (Canada) with Northern Lights. Only these three pairs were previously visible in trading. However, Plowman had his mare missed, and Foster had nine penalty points.

Daniel Plowman (ISR) and Gemma W at the World Cup in Toronto (Canada). (© FEI / Mackenzie Clark)

other places

Some of the top international riders were also initially in Toronto and made it into places. Individual bronze and team gold winners in Euro 2019And the gosferloe Igor finished sixth behind Ali Ramsay (Canada) and Rowan Willis (Australia) thanks to a quick round of four current penalties. Behind him was the two-time successful Connor Sowell with Count Mei in seventh place, followed by Laura Kraut And the Kent Farrington from the United States with Calgary Tami and Landon in eighth and ninth places.

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All results from Toronto can be found here.

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