Iranian nuclear .. Return to negotiations .. Sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards are on the table

Nuclear talks with Iran will soon come back to life: to say it is the European High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrellwho met his Iranian counterpart in Tehran Hussein Amir Abdullahian.

The topic of controversy today is above all Penalties that Washington continues to impose on it Revolutionary Guards: Tehran is demanding its withdrawal, but the persistence of the White House led, last March, to the Iranian side abandoning the table.

Speaking to Alstamoa, Abdullahian said it was “important for Iran to get the full economic benefits that were agreed upon with the 2015 agreement.” For his part, Borrell stressed that three months have passed since the negotiations stopped and the need to “accelerate the dialogue.”

signed on Vienna In 2015 – with Germany, France, the UK, Russia, China and the indirect involvement of the US, as well as the mediation of Brussels – the agreement fell apart 3 years later, with Donald Trump abandoning and reimposing sanctions.

Tehran responded by accelerating its uranium enrichment program, with reports mounting in early June 2022, following the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors decision against Iran for its lack of transparency.

Tehran responded by shutting down 27 cameras Monitoring at several nuclear plants.

Borrell’s visit to Tehran follows the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovwho discussed, among other things, the nuclear deal and energy cooperation with Iran.

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