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After the arrival of Apple Event 2022, all the news that the event will hold has been announced. so it generated enough expectations among the public to finally test all its functions.

Despite the wide range of features of this one in particular caught my eye, which is that iPhone 14 will turn off the active screenafter some specific positions.

With this, you no longer have to worry about your charging Mobile At any time, because you will save. Next, we explain what the terms are and what they consist of.

This will turn off the always active screen on iPhone 14

As shown from manzana, are eight actions that will be taken into consideration to turn off iPhone screen. This will happen when it is believed that the user does not need to use their smartphone.

1. When a file Iphone Face down on the surface.

2. Every time sleep mode.

3. If the iPhone is in a pocket or bag.

4. Contact Carplay.

5. When activating the option low consumption.

6. If used camera continuity.

7. If the iPhone is left to use for a long time.

8. When disconnected from iPhone, due to using a file Apple Watch.

iPhone 14 will introduce many new features for the convenience of its users. (Photo: Apple)

This is how you can solve SIM card problems on iPhone

  • One of the options you can try first is to output a file iPhone SIM And watch your fitness before trying any tricks. This is necessary to check its condition and if necessary change it to another.
  • In the case of two SIM cards, it is necessary to activate one of them, so you have to access the settings from your smartphone, followed by cellular data and then choose which SIM you want to use at the moment.
  • Another alternative is Restart iPhoneAnd the. Sometimes the mobile device does not recognize the SIM card even though it is already inserted, so it is necessary to restart the cell phone.
  • disable Flight mode It can be a workable solution to SIM card problems. Make sure to do it in a suitable place and then try calling any number to check if it is fixed.
  • The last option is clear space Where to place the SIM card, so that there is no obstacle that interferes with the correct use of this board.
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