Intesa San Paolo, the last stop of the International Smart Tour

Series of corporate appointments in the Triveneto region ends today Smart International Tour, Project Understanding Saint Paul Dedicated to the internationalization of SMEs in collaboration with Monitor Deloitte, the strategic advisory department of DeloitteA global leader in professional business services.

There were 5 dedicated corporate meetings in the North East involving more than 80 local companies with their foreign affiliates in the focus countries of the United States, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Today’s date has been set for the Smart International Tour of the United Kingdom with the participation of Intesa Sanpaolo ogo Risconi, Commercial Director of Companies in the Western Veneto Region and Regional Administration Trentino Alto Adige. An in-depth study on Brexit is scheduled by Monitor Deloitte and liaison with the London branch of HUB Intesa Sanpaolo. The services and tools provided by the group will be offered to provide companies with concrete support to re-launch internationally thanks to the dedicated professionals.

The webinar dedicated to the United Kingdom in the context of Brexit will also see the collaboration of Grimaldi Studio Legale and the Grimaldi Alliance, which is located in the United Kingdom and in more than 60 jurisdictions around the world, with the Managing Partner Francesco Sciaudone and soci Fabio Pizzacherry e Carlo Kognaska.

An analysis by Monitor Deloitte on the economic performance of the countries in focus shows that after the recession that marked 2020, all countries are expected to recover in 2021, driven by national consumption and trade. As for the latter, it is expected that international trade will accelerate strongly in 2021 for all countries of the world: + 7.5% in advanced economies and + 9.2% in developing economies. With particular reference to the United Kingdom, the data shows a general recovery in the country, with the recovery index returning almost to pre-crisis levels at the end of 2022, as well as trade and investment relations with Italy, which allocates 5% of its exports to the United Kingdom.

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The 2021 Program of the Smart International Tour, this year in its second edition, presented a cycle of 23 webinars aimed at Banca dei Territori client companies of Intesa Sanpaolo, led by Stefano Baresi, to support them in international growth thanks to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s worldwide network. With its foreign network located in about 40 countries and consisting of branches, representative offices and subsidiary banks, Intesa Sanpaolo will ensure the necessary support for small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting them in growth paths to allow the development of operations also in new markets.

The series of events focused on seven areas of interest to small and medium-sized businesses wishing to grow in the foreign markets of Brazil, Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Romania. These countries have been the subject of many events, involving all twelve regional departments of Banca dei Territori, the international network structures of IMI’s Corporate and Investment Banking division – led by Mauro Micello – including HUB branches in London, New York and Dubai, branches in Frankfurt, Madrid, Abu Dhabi and Intesa Sanpaolo Brasil SA, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania, a bank part of the International Subsidiary Banks division – led by Marco Elio Rotti – as well as experts from Monitor Deloitte.

Anna RossioIntesa Sanpaolo, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing: “The Smart International Tour initiative testifies to our fruitful cooperation with Deloitte in light of the growing interest in foreign markets by Italian companies with the aim of a speedy recovery. Internationalization pathways are a cornerstone of Intesa Sanpaolo’s strategy, which remains the ideal hub to support SMEs also for these goals. The second edition of the initiative, which is nearing completion of its track, has recorded excellent participation from entrepreneurs who have shown great interest in the topics covered with a focus on economic relaunch and specific development prospects in foreign markets. . We have already participated in the first 2020 edition with many SMEs and identified with them new business opportunities in Italy and abroad, even in the difficult context of health emergencies. Other events focusing on the new country are scheduled to start from September.”

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This initiative to support companies in relaunching economic activities in foreign markets also contributes to the implementation of one of the pillars of the “Motor Italy” programme, the program recently launched by Intesa Sanpaolo to promote liquidity and investments in sustainable and digital business transformation of about 10 billion euros available to companies in the region Triveneto.

Manuel PensettiDeloitte partner responsible for Deloitte’s growth and strategic transformation services in Italy: “In light of the context we are witnessing, internationalization has been confirmed as one of the main directions of growth and development, in addition to reducing business risks, for Italian companies. Our mission is therefore to provide them with concrete tools to assess The potential of foreign markets, planning and taking full advantage of opportunities for recovery beyond national borders. In this spirit, as Monitor Deloitte, we have enthusiastically accepted the invitation of Intesa Sanpaolo for the second edition of Smart International Tours to make the most of the opportunities and create the conditions to make internationalization a reality.”

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