Interview with Sienna Miller: ‘Cheating is always ugly’

Sienna Miller at the premiere of Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal on April 14 in London
Photo: AP

Sienna Miller has been starring in the Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal since April. In an interview, she spoke about her own experience with scandals, and that women are increasingly invading the male sphere of film – and how comfortable she is at the age of 40.

Mrs. Miller, these days you are very picky when it comes to new projects as an actress. What prompted you to release your new series, Anatomy of a Scandal, on Netflix on April 15?

In fact, nothing beats cinema for me. Sitting in a dark room with strangers and watching an unsurpassable movie. That’s why I’ve always loved making movies – and until now there’s only been one series, “The Loudest Voice.” But I really liked the fact that a lot of people saw it. This was a nice contrast to a lot of the movies I’m proud of in my career, like American Woman or High-Rise. Hardly anyone got in there, which is a bit frustrating when you put so much time, heart and soul into it. That’s why I loved the idea of ​​being on a Netflix series by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson that you know audiences want to see.

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