Interview warm-up, a Google tool for simulating a job interview and preparing answers

The Google he firedfriendly interviewArtificial Intelligence (AI) allows users to practice their performance in a job interview by Record, copy and make notes about their answers in real time.

The Interview warm-up toolAs its name translates into English, it was designed to help users of Google Career Certificate, a technology initiative with flexible online tutorials, to prepare for job interviews.

Once you access the AI ​​website, The user can select the type of job for which they would like to prepare for the interviews. In addition, Google allows you to choose between being interviewed with five random questions or moving between them all.

This initiative has Three types of questions:

  • Those that refer to the candidate’s experience and training
  • People who ask how you handled certain situations in the past and how you wish to do so in the future
  • Others relate to more technical matters, covering knowledge and skills of the specific chosen field
Google ensures that the warm-up interview does not memorize the audio or transcripts of answers provided by the user.

the user It can be responded orally and in writing, although in the first case you will have to copy what you say. In addition, the company claims that each of the questions put to it has been prepared by an expert in the chosen field.

Suggestions for improving answers

Warm-up interview offers the possibility Re-answer and edit The number of times the user sees it necessary. When you review it, you will see a written copy, and next to it is a series of keys in the form of Feedback and suggestions It can help you identify patterns in your speech.

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Google claims it These keys do not “qualify” the user’s response Nor does it indicate which part of it is true or false. Instead, they indicate the job terminology you use, the most frequently used words, and the topics of conversation you reviewed.

In addition, the company ensures that the interview warm-up does not save the audio or transcripts of answers given by the user, while if they want they can transcribe the transcript or download the full version at the end of the interview.

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