InsurTech’s interactive map lists and ranks startups in the DACH منطقة

The first interactive InsurTech map was launched a year ago. For the first birthday, take a look at the evolution of the map and the landscape of InsurTech.

InsurTech interactive map from March 2021 Multiply (House of InsurTech Switzerland), F10 And kick start It was launched. Map Idea: With a clickable interface, the creators want to give a face to the rapidly growing ecosystem of InsurTechs and their insurance solutions in the DACH region.

From zero to one hundred in the beginning – from one hundred to two hundred in the first year

Started with a hundred InsurTechs, nearly two hundred startups are already online after twelve months. InsurTechs from Germany makes up the bulk of the pie (135), followed by Switzerland (54), Austria (12) and Liechtenstein (3). At 71 percent, InsurTechs’ technology focus is on the areas of process digitization/automation/robotics.

The InsurTech ecosystem continues to grow

InsurTech is not the little brother of FinTech, but it is a fast growing segment that specializes in insurance solutions. While FinTechs has been somewhat spoiled, there has previously been no reliable and accessible data or information about startups in the InsurTech sector.

The map aims to serve as a guide for companies and investors looking for innovative startups in the InsurTech sector. In a clear presentation, different startups are broken down into value chains, business areas, and technologies – they can be searched and found using selectable filters.

The largest group of technologies currently exists in the combined areas of process digitization/automation/robotics. Nearly two-thirds of startups focus here. Analytics/artificial intelligence as well as IoT and DLT solutions, which are used in the blockchain, for example, come in second with 22 percent.

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A country-specific analysis shows that the digitization of operations in Austria and Germany accounts for the majority of startups at 67 and 78 percent, respectively. In Switzerland, this percentage is much lower at 54%. Instead, greater diversity can be seen with larger shares of analytics/AI startups and InsurTechs with a focus on IoT and DLT technology.

The virtual map is updated every four years – startups that have not yet found their name on the InsurTech map can register here Register for the next release.

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