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Want to avoid receiving spam?? Although the Meta app is considered as one of the favorite apps in the world, the truth is that it can’t help but get rid of all the unnecessary ads that come up, which is why many users find this really annoying. However, there are some alternatives within the same app that can be tried. Where sportsremember what they are.

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How do you prevent spam on Instagram?

1. Instagram in private

One of the things you can do is set your account to be private. In this sense, it will be difficult for third parties to find your Instagram and spam you.

  • From your cell phone, open the Instagram app.
  • Next, click on the Privacy option.
  • Next, go to Account Privacy.
  • Next to this alternative, you will see a toggle switch. Click on it and you’re done.

2. Avoid message requests

Although this alternative is a bit more drastic, you can refuse others to send you messages, and that also includes your contacts; However, you do have the option of writing for others.

  • Under Settings, choose Privacy.
  • Then, exit the connection.
  • Among the alternatives, click on “Possibilities”.
  • Within this section, choose your Instagram followers.
  • Then click on Submit Requests.
  • Finally, click Don’t Receive Requests.


  • From your smartphone, access the app instagram.
  • Next, go to File Profile personlyBy clicking on the circular icon located in the lower right corner.
  • Now, click on the three horizontal bars present at the top right.
  • Then click on the option Adjust.
  • Among the alternatives, choose Privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select activity status.
  • In section Show activity statusyou will see a switch.
  • Slide this button to the left to disable it and you’re done.
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This is how you can post 60 second stories on Instagram

  • First, check it out instagram You have no pending updates in the Android App Store or iOS App Store.
  • Now, open the social network and swipe left to enable the ‘IG’ camera.
  • On the right side you will have a list of tools, click on the downward pointing arrow.
  • More functions will be displayed, choose the function that says “Hand free”.
  • Finally, he proceeds to record the story.
  • As you can see, the recording will not be cut off in 15 seconds.
  • It is important to clarify that this function is gradually being rolled out worldwide and will be activated automatically when the application is updated.

How to mute Instagram calls and video calls

  • First, check it out instagram You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and tap on your profile icon on the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the three lines above > “Settings” > “Notifications”.
  • The next step is to click on the section called “Messages and Calls”.
  • Finally, in the “Video chat” section, select “Deactivate”.

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