Inflation: Are We Nearing a Peak? – Invest know

My assessment is that we are very close to the peak and we will start to see a decline in inflation in the second half of the year. “This is what, just this morning, ECB Vice President Luis de Guindos said at a hearing at the European Parliament’s Economic Committee, which determines, however, that “Nevertheless, inflation will be high, even in the last quarter of the year, the Our forecast sees it higher than 4%.” Our study dedicated to providing informed investment advice begins on this topic., starring Alessandro Gandolfi, MD and President of Italy’s Pimco. Inflation remains an important concern for investors. We ask ourselves what your expectations are for Europe and what Are the differences between our situation and we are also addressing the issue of central banks: will they be able to contain inflation without plunging the global economy into recession?

In the final part of the episode, we devoted a brief study of acquisition bids and operations in the financial sector that we’ve been hearing about so much in recent days, particularly with the story associated with Twitter and the company’s owner takeover. Tesla, as well as the richest man in the world: Elon Musk. With Valentina come – Senior Director of the Extraordinary Operations Division at the Italian Stock Exchange – Let’s go back to explaining what a takeover offer is, what different types can be identified and what happens to a saver who has invested in the securities of a company subject to this type of operation.

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