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55-year-old Anke Günßler has a very special relationship to the room: as a teenager, about 40 years ago, she also used to spend her free time in the youth room, which was here at the time. “It is very important for our young people to have a place in the village again. Boys and girls cannot meet in bus shelters or in playgrounds. In front of the meeting place there is a covered bench and a fireplace.

120 kilometers to the west, Pastor Gotthart Preiser in Hasfurt follows the innovations in Tröstau with some woe. Preiser will turn 91 this year, and as of the 1950s, he was pastor of the then young Diocese of Trostau for a decade and a half. “Of course I will attend the festival party on Sunday,” he says over the Frankenpost phone. He fondly remembers his time in society. At first we rented a house in the village. I watched the construction of the Reverend’s residence, completed in 1961, and celebrated the coronation. My wife and children and I were the first residents.”

Pauline donkey parish

Pauline – the donkey of the Breezer family – used to sleep where the young people would soon meet. This person had everything, and not only did he pull a cart on which the village children would occasionally sit, but also served as a living decoration in the church. “Paulene did a great job at the Christmas service,” says the former pastor, laughing.

Return to the new parish hall. The first user is the parish secretary, Marion Friedrich. Due to renovations, she set up her office in the future youth room until winter. “Honestly, I am really happy to be here again.” During cold weeks, only a gas heater provides warmth. So that she could work, technicians pulled telephone and internet cables from the priest’s residence to the youth room.

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a matter of chance

The parish secretary and Hans-Hermann Münch will continue to maintain their offices in the parish hall. When you enter the building, you will find them on the left side of the hallway. On the right is the new and spacious community hall with a great view of the Kösseine. Another corridor takes guests to the restrooms. “Unfortunately we cannot use the upper floor, it can be very expensive,” says the pastor. The municipality had to install another escape staircase upstairs. Ceiling insulation also contains asbestos, which is very expensive to clean. “Even to renovate the ground floor screed, workers had to wear protective clothing.” In the end, everything went well with the current solution, and everyone is satisfied. The community has also saved money: instead of the €400,000 estimated in 2019 just to renovate the priest’s residence, the current solution costs €350,000 in total.

The ceremonial service for the opening of the Community Center begins on Sunday at 2 p.m. at Christ Church. Then, at approximately 3:15 p.m., all interested parties have the opportunity to visit the community center until about 5 p.m. A tent is erected in the churchyard where guests can have coffee and cake. Due to the tense state of the aura, masks are mandatory in service and when visiting the parish hall. Reverend Hans Hermann Munch asks that you pay special attention to hygiene.

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