In the United States, before the mower was stolen, he cut the grass from the owners

This was shared in Texas, United StateHe realized that the owners of the house were not there, so he took advantage of the opportunity to break into and robAfter a few minutes he came out With a mower in two hands.

The house’s security cameras show that the thief had planned to take the artifact, but before the theft was completed. It took a few minutes to mow the lawn homeA, well, I saw him neglectful.

When he finished trimming the lawn, the thief was Run away with the mowerThe local media published the video of this unusual theft on their platformsthat happened 1st of last AprilAround 8:00 pm.

Details about unusual theft in the United States

Details about unusual theft in the United States

Details about the unusual theft in the country

It has been reported Port Arthur Police Departmentbegan searching for the thief, who realized that he was being persecuted abandoned mower In the city alley.

After disposing of the device he has since escaped by Texas authorities, United StateAnd Bonus offer To whom you can give information about your whereabouts.

United States AMLO

United States AMLO


Government United State At the request of the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador To invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the next day top of the americasnoted that “it is not appropriate to invite countries Who do not respect democracy“.

via Truth news As we let you know A massive fire destroyed at least twenty mansions in California.

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