In Switzerland, a family of five died after jumping from a balcony

After investigating the case, the police reported that a French family of five Start from the seventh floor of a house In the Swiss city of Montreux, where they lived isolated from society.

Of the five family members, only a 15-year-old teenager survived, in a coma. The others, a man, his wife, his twin sister, and an eight-year-old girl, They died after they threw themselves from the balcony of the house.

According to the police, the family members climbed onto the balcony of their apartment using Small ladder before jumping off one by one.

The investigation “rules out the interference of a third party and suggests that all the victims jumped from the balcony one by one”, police in Vaud, c.Five days after the tragedy in MontreuxOn the shores of Lake Geneva.

without noise

The investigators were able to reconstruct the chronology of events. At around 6:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 24, two police officers knocked on the door of the houseOr the problem of studying in a son’s home.

After knocking on the door, they heard a voice asking who they were and after identifying themselves, They stopped hearing the voices and left.

According to investigators, at about seven in the morning all the victims “jumped from the balcony one by one” within five minutes.

No evidence of combat was found, which seems to support the theory The actions were deliberate.

“Before or during the events, no witnesses, including the two agents who have been at the scene since 06:15 and passersby who were under the building, heard the slightest sound or scream from the ground or balcony,” he said. Police in a statement.

reserve food

The investigations also did not reveal any evidence that could explain the act, but the police nevertheless confirmed that “since the beginning of the epidemic, The family was very interested in conspiracy theories and survival.”

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They were practically living in a state of self-sufficiency, cut off from society and, according to the armed forces, They’ve amassed a great reserve of food Which occupied most of the various rooms on the floor.

Investigators said the mother’s twin sister was the only one who worked outside the home. Neither the mother nor the girl was registered with the authorities. And the girl did not go to school.

And the police concluded in a statement that “all these elements suggest that members of this family fear the authorities’ interference in their lives.”

Both father and twin sister He attended prestigious schools in France, According to the French weekly Journal du Dimanche.


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