In order to “retrain” Rivers of money, to renew the contract, contact the MEF

Minister Bianchi speaks toAspen Institute (From the company’s website:Aspen Institute He was born in the United States in 1950 on the initiative of a group of American intellectuals and businessmen convinced of the need to re-launch dialogue, knowledge and human values [sic] In a complex and evolving international geopolitical reality (…). The institute started its activity in Italy in 1984 with a strong activity transatlantic characterization. Aspen Institute Italia’s mission is to internationalize entrepreneurship, political and cultural leadership in the country through a free comparison of different ideas and assets to define and promote shared values, knowledge and interests. The “Aspen method” prefers comparison and Debate “Behind Closed Doors”, favors personal relationships and allows effective updating of the topics under discussion. At the Aspen table, the leaders of the industrial, economic, financial, political, social and cultural world in discussion conditions absolute secrecy Based on freedom of expression“).

What does the minister say in a forum that makes the basis for discussion behind closed doors and absolute secrecy – and does he brag about it? (At school, we don’t like the Aspen style. We like open doors. Hearts and minds. And windows too: The Ministerial Economic Solution, on the other hand, to fight the coronavirus in the last two years. Aspen would probably agree with such frugal public spending.)


In Italy, within 4-5 years, We need to retrain 650,000 teachers To fulfill the appropriate education for digital future and global interdependence now envisioned” (Ansa).

“Retraining”: a strange choice of words. The verb may seem more applicable to the dog than to the teacher. But is it possible to look at the figure? Let’s get to the core! And what is the essence?

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Participating in the Affirmation of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Conference, promoted by Aspen, Bianchi said that in order to train Italian teachers “we have invested 800 million“: On average, it is about 1,230 euros per teacher. (…) We have to face this path – he explained – to introduce artificial intelligence in the school, and digitization associated with the ethical issue. “

Let’s forget the “ethical digitization” thing, flatus Who really has a deer.

Let’s go to the concrete, instead: for “retraining” (state pedagogy?), money collapsed. To renew the contract, which has now expired for years, of the worst-paid public administration class and now close to the poverty line… Contact the MEF in Bilati style (does anyone have any doubts about how the “giant battles” will end?).

But the point is not this: the harassed Italian teachers smell it from afar and are now accustomed to it. The serious question should instead be the Italian constitution, which (I understand) the ministers swore by and which guarantees the president of the republic: “Art and science are free, and education is free.”. Few and wonderful, simple and decisive words, those of Article 33, which we teachers should never forget.

Here then, by law, it would also be possible to force the teacher to follow single neck Some expensive “retraining” (of the state) in terms of “digital educational use”, or any other miraculous technocratic magic, with which one might intend to face the complexity and beauty of an educational relationship (barely known to serious businessmen) which would have many other issues And most important to deal with it daily).

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But at the same time it is also necessary to realize that, at least as long as art. 33 It will not be “fixed” by some “technical” government, and no one will be able to Start Obliging a professor worthy of the name to adopt methods that he does not agree with, and may even consider them in science and conscience, so as to lead to counterproductive results on the cultural development of the youth entrusted to him.

Conclusion: that “training” would be merely a teacher’s wasted time and a pure waste of state resources: something that even Aspen would probably not agree with.

Evan Servesato

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