In Las Vegas, FBI Training Highlights QRoo Cops

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Police authorities in Quintana Rogue Continuing the training and educational work that it transmits FBIThat is why they participated in the “Exchange of Best Policing Practices” meeting, which was held from May 9 to 12 in Las vigas, United State.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange experiences in the field of intelligence and security training, and to discuss the various practices it uses FBI and security members from other countries.

boss Public Safety TulumOscar Aparicio Avendanohighlighted the usefulness of investigative and intelligence tools such as body cameras, highway arches with license plate readers and other facial recognition tools.

He pointed out the importance of coordinating with companies to monitor security in real time and speed up the reaction time in some events that require police presence, prevention and control in a timely manner.

He considered it necessary to rapprochement with citizens to maintain constant vigilance and to act immediately when needed.

In addition, taking into account the use of drones and new technology, it will provide excellent results to reduce and prevent crime rates, operate with a broader view as required in the municipality, and cover and monitor more areas in real time with a faster response. Every event or emergency requested by citizens and visitors in Tulum.

It was announced that Fred Bradford, Carrie Underwood, Spencer Evans and Ray Johnson, the FBI bureau chiefs, participated in the meeting. Carlos A. Tomala, Deputy Legal Attaché for FBI.

Quintana Roo Miguel Angel Marin Martinez, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Security, and Arturo Aguilar Castaneda, Director of Intelligence at the SSP were also present.

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