Illartesen / Altenstadt: The power outage in the Illartesen region: 3,500 families affected

Thousands of homes were briefly without electricity in the Illertsen region. In some homes the juice is still missing. Now the reason is known.

in the room diseases There was a power outage on a Tuesday afternoon. As a Lechwerke (LEW) spokesperson told our editors when asked, about 3,500 families up there have been affected.

So the disturbance began at 4:25 p.m. Families in Iltersen, Altenstadt, and Clemons were without electricity. It is said that around 4.35pm most of the homes were already supplied again. In a few hundred houses in Untereche, Herrenstetten, and Jederheim, there was no light until 5:25 p.m.; Because there was no juice. With the exception of a few households, they are all currently (as of 5:50 p.m.) being supplied again, according to a LEW spokesperson.

The trigger was a defective component in a transformer in the substation. As a result, the spokesperson explained, a malfunction occurred in the medium voltage cable. LEW-Verteilnetz employees were able to restore the power supply by switching.

Several blackouts recently in Neu-Ulm and Sending

Last week, there were blackouts in the Neu-Ulm district of Borlavingen and Vol. 1500 families are affected here. Also in the center of Neu-Ulm, the juice is only recently gone. A few days earlier, power had also failed in Send and the counties of Witzighausen and Wullenstetten. About 1,000 families were affected. (Chrom)

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