Il Diario Della Mia Libertà series, its release and streaming

When will my memoirs of freedom be released? 6 June 2022

My Freedom Diary is the Italian title chosen for “my editorial notes”, The highly anticipated Korean TV series is available exclusively on Netflix from 6 June 2022. Let’s talk about a korean drama about the unsatisfactory life of three siblings scattered in the house one day JTBC From April 9 to May 29, 2022, and worldwide from Netflix.

to write the project Park Hae YoungWhile kim seok yoon I direct 16 episodes. Keep reading the article to know more details about the plot My Freedom Diary TV series.

My Freedom Diary Conspiracy, Previews

Il Diario Della Mia Liberta Heroes Netflix credits

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Let’s find out a story three brothers and mysterious unknown Flee from a difficult life that has no answer. Chang Hee’s day He is the second of three children who realize they live a meaningless life and are despised by his family. Yom Mi Jeong Instead she is the youngest daughter, introverted and very shy. She also feels very lonely and wants to change her life. then we meet ji jeong day, He is the eldest of the brothers, the owner of a short tempered and very sensitive personality. Unsatisfied with his job navigating Seoul, the boy wishes to find love. Finally, the Mr. Gua mysterious man with alcohol problems who suddenly appears one day in Sanpo Village approaches Mi Jeong’s day.

“My Freedom Diaries” Cast, Actors and Characters

Below are the main characters of cast de My Freedom Diary:

  • Lee Min Ki Playing on Chang Hee,
  • Kim Ji Won play on Mi Jong
  • Lee L play ki jong day,
  • Son Suk Koo Mr. Gu . plays
  • Chun Ho Jin Playing on Ji Ho
  • Lee Kyung Seong He plays Kwak Hye Suk
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How many episodes does “My Freedom Diary” have?

How many episodes does the first season have? My Freedom Diary? in all of them sixteen of 65 minutes All Episodes JTBC Korean Drama.

Trailer for My Freedom magazine

here it is Official Announcement de My Freedom Diary It was released by Netflix Asia on March 23, 2022.

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Diary of my freedom to flow, where to see it

In streaming, being a Netflix co-production, the first season of My Freedom Diary Available in Italy directly on the broadcasting giant.

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