If your router has a USB port, that’s all you can do to take advantage of it

USB ports on routers can Give us great facilities at home. Its uses can range from the simplest to those that complement the nature of the device to which it belongs. What can we get from these tools?

Or not We must attest that this is indeed a USB port And let’s not confuse it with Ethernet. To do this we have to review the codes that appear around these connectors, as not all modems have this feature, Especially if it’s not very recent.

There are routers that can share files with specific devices connected to the network, or with everyone we have at home. If our devices have access to USB channels, we can use them in different ways.

Any physical obstacles also reduce your range and power somewhat.stock struggle

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Wi-Fi based networks in radio technologythe same one used to listen to your favorite FM, with that different The first uses frequencies in the microwave range, which come from a higher electromagnetic spectrum.

And what happens with all sources of electromagnetic waves is this The further away from the source, the weaker the signal. So, the further away you are from RouterWorst signal you’ll have. Keep in mind that this reduction is also exponential: if the signal at 1 meter is optimal, At two meters it is a quarter of the force of a meter at a height of one meter, and at three meters it is a nineth as strong as it is at one meter.

Logic tells us that the best way to always connect our devices and not have problems is to put the router close to it. But we know this is not always convenient, so it has to be strategically located in the house to accommodate equipment and that wi-fi covers The largest possible space.

WiFi is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit information wirelessly.
WiFi is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit information wirelessly.unplash


Therefore, since the router signal is spread evenly in all directions, The way to make sure the whole house gets good coverage is to put it in the middle of itso that the distance to any room is the same and no corner is farther from the waves than the rest.

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And if your house has several floors, The rule must be applied in the same way. The ideal situation here would be to place the router on the middle floor, to ensure that the signal reaches all floors equally.


It should also be noted that the electromagnetic frequencies used in Wi-Fi networks have another problem: Any physical obstacles also reduce your range and power somewhat. Whether it is the floor, ceiling or walls of the house. Microwaves and televisions, which operate at similar frequencies, can cause some conflict.

Therefore, it is very important to put The router is in a privileged location at home like Avoid obstacles in your way.

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