If you want to daydream, this TV series is for you

As great as life can be for all of us, watching romantic comedies will definitely do for us Traveling with the head. Summer is an excellent excuse to unleash dreams and a slight touch of nostalgia, but be careful not to overdo it!

Netflix: Don’t Miss These 3 TV Series


The great classic: The “Loser” school falls in love with the captain of the rugby team and thus the most beautiful love story ever. The comedy is set in a small English town, and sees a character CharlieThe first student out, eh nick, his office mate, seems straight. Heartstopper has nothing to do with rationality, in fact it’s all about the desperate search for what the heart wants. With a hint to fight bullying.


The fakes are divided into 10 episodes and come from a mind David Turco (Warrior nun). The story tells of two seventeen-year-old friends Zoe Christensen (Emiliga Paranac) and Rebecca Lee (Jennifer Tong) who inadvertently set up a criminal business from which they earn endless money. Their lives were crazy until the cops broke into their apartment: one goes to jail and the other continues her illegal affairs.

parallel lines

The plot tells of NatalieYou just graduated and ready to take on the world of work. However, her life turns around with a pregnancy test. Here two parallel lives open up: one is pregnant and has to pursue motherhood while remaining in her hometown of Texas; In the second, she was not pregnant and therefore could move to Los Angeles to further her career.

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