If you are going to travel this summer to a foreign country, you need this tool on your mobile phone


After years of neglect, Google’s tools for its Android apps seem to want to improve with Google Translate as the main hero…if they’ve never been useful!

It’s so funny Google apps for iOS have better UI than Android appsand this despite the fact that Google’s mobile operating system has always had the potential Customizing the desktops of our smartphones with gadgetsThese have been abandoned to their fate for years and Practically no further news that improve your experience.

Access material you To Android was a turning point for Google, which finally wants to Unify your apps experience Updated its graphic fonts and color palettes, plus this extra movement we’ve all come to expect includes Finally, renewing needs is one of your most important services With a new look and more features.

The Google Translate interface has also been redesigned with Material You.

This is the case of google translatorlike companions xda-developers Submit to us now New, more useful, intuitive and interactive UI elements With which to get the most out of it, especially when traveling, and from which we now tell you all the news … Will you join us?

This is the popular super translator that will make you forget about Google Translate, now available for free for Android

certainly Google translator Be with the maps One of the most used services in the worldhas become almost a de facto standard, however, He had run out of news for some widgets That they’ve been updated in Gmail, YouTube Music, or the maps themselves, among others.

Now, to the basic tool that provides direct access to subtitles in the various modes of text, camera, conversation or writing, A new translation widget will also be added that is more useful and practicalwhich will allow us to directly and from the same item access all types of translation supported by Google Translate.

Google’s new translation tools are not only more attractive and modern, adapting to new automatic color palettes, but also combining more functionality in the same element with the promise of more options in the near future.

Also, in the top row The component language combination will appear In the app, with direct access to the clipboard and functions that use artificial intelligence Dynamic change of shortcuts As the size of the tool changes, and according to the most used by us.

It is clear that these tools now Support for dynamic themes and color palettes This automatic adjustment of the dominant background color, Mountain View also promises us that very soon Another very useful tool on trips with Saved translations. We can use them to text quickly or even press until the station reads the translation, if we are in another country with someone speaking another language and we can’t understand each other.

If you are going to travel this summer to a foreign country, you need this tool on your mobile phone

Here we left you a couple Post screenshots showing the new tools for Google Translateso you can see how it will look on your desks.

At the moment and as always at Google, The distribution of these updates is overlapping For all mobile phones running Android 12 and Google translator In versions greater than 6.35, so If you still don’t have it, be patientbecause he will arrive very soon in time for your summer vacation.

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