IEG, Vicenzaoro 2022 full of presence

(Teleborsa) – Today the curtain comes down – to the satisfaction of operators – up Vicenzaoro – jewelry boutique displaythe international exhibition of IEG – Italian Exhibition GroupThe first European date for the gold and jewelry sector. Presence – an example of coexistence and harmony between peoples – “welcome” the combination “give” before Lorenzo Quinn, a message of peace directly at the entrance to the exhibition. And they scored + 24% In the September 2021 edition of Vicenzaoro, similarly Duration and input Also in the unprecedented post-pandemic context that characterizes it New business models compared to remote versions.

Five working daysPresentations, training, roundtables and ideas along with T. goldthe international exhibition of advanced machinery and technologies for jewelry design and manufacturing processes, confirm Vicenzoro axle An international reference point for the value chain. A unique “all at once” physical business platform, also with digital accessories, a training center for sustainability, innovation, trends and watchmaking for the entire supply chain: fine jewelry, components, semi-finished products, diamonds, gemstones, colours, processing technologies, visual merchandising and packaging.

The decision to postpone the appointment in January to March was far-sighted, which facilitated the meetings in complete calm with a positive and pervasive feeling. Despite the difficult time, Vicenzoro It brought together a strong, healthy entrepreneurial fabric, with the tangible prospects of over 1,000 casual brands (over 140 in T. Gold), and 300 hosted buyers, as well as students, designers, schools, institutions and media from around the world. One community with a contemporary watch from Vo’Clock Privé, eThe “One” dump of the new lounge is also open on the weekends to the general public.

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International participation experienced operators from 127 countries. The influx of buyers and visitors from abroad, mainly from Spain (6.5% of the total), Germany (6.4%), the United States (6.3%), Greece (5.3%), and France (5.2%), was 53%.

The general optimism in the pavilions was also felt thanks to IEG’s ability to create new formats over the years, contributing to the sector results presented during the event: Business volume in 2021 of 8.8 billion euros and exports of products made in Italy growth of +15.7% compared to 2019 (+54% in 2020), with double-digit growth compared to 2019 towards the USA and the UAE (exports outside the EU equal to 75% ).

Noteworthy is Coherent presence of institutions and associations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ICE Agency, Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato Goldsmiths, Confcommercio Federpreziosi, CNA Goldsmiths, Confimi Industria Goldsmith and Silverware Category, Assocoral, AFEMO – Association of Manufacturers Exporters of Goldsmith Machinery, International CIBJO – World Confederation held its jewelry assembly Public at the Gallery and FHH – Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

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