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Temperatures are rising and at the same time the excitement of the new season. More and more drivers are positioning themselves and entering the hot phase of preparations. Examples include Toparis, Puffe, and Divine.

The first IDM races can be seen at Lausitzring in early May. Until then, there is still a lot of work for active players to do. In addition to office materials, practical exercises on the road are also on the list.

reading material

The technical and sports regulations for IDM 2022 have been completed and are available online at the chain’s website and at the DMSB website. A note about the Supersport class: At IDM Supersport, until last year IDM Supersport 600, everything remains the same in 2019, except for the acceptance of Next Generation Supersport bikes as in the 2022 World Championships. But for now only the guest starts, unless the brands do The business involved in expanding the group sponsor IDM. Final information from the FIM is currently pending completion of the Supersport regulations.

Italy trip

It was motocross training camp in Italy again for Julian Buffy, Jan Ole Ganig and Chris Benlich. The plan was a weekend with three intense days on the cross bike. “In Dorno and Ottobiano, we found perfect conditions and were able to learn a few things from the pros,” reports Puffe, who was on the road for the GERT54 team in the IDM Superbike. “I’m looking forward to starting the season at its best.”

Sidecar . offspring

“There is news,” announced Lennard Göttlich, who will be driving the sidecar again in 2022 with driver Uwe Neubert. « Back in IDM and defending champion in the International Side Cup. » The 17-year-old can finally introduce himself to his fans on the track as part of IDM Sidecar. “Due to a rule change by the DMSB regarding the minimum age, we can start IDM this season. Our main objective for 2022 remains to defend the title in the International Sidecar Cup.”

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The Thuringia Trio

“We are delighted to be able to announce that we have entered the second round in the usual constellation,” explains the Beinlich team from near Schleizer Dreieck. With Toni Erhard, of Saxony, Troy Beinlich at IDM Supersport 300 and Christoph Beinlich at IDM Supersport, the team wants to get back on the full throttle again this season. “Preparations are in full swing,” the team confirms, “and we look forward to the start of the first season in Spain in mid-March. A big thank you to our main sponsor Roto-Store and all the co-sponsors who are supporting us once again this season and enabling us to start the season.”

The break is over

Two-time Australian Supersport champion and former IDM Supersport racer Tom Tobares is planning to return to the local Superbike race this season after being sidelined for a year due to major surgery on his right arm. This is currently reported by Cycleonline magazine from Toparis’ home Australia. Toparis, 21, underwent surgery on his humerus in March last year to correct stunted growth because the right side is 76 mm longer than the left side. He was injured when he was 11 in a motocross crash that broke his right bone and shoulder blade and required surgery. “It definitely was a weird time after not riding for a year — for five or six years I’ve been riding every weekend, and then for a year I generally haven’t had any bikes,” Toparis told CycleOnline on Phillip Island. “I might be three or four weeks away from riding a motorcycle again. It would be nice to get my 600 from two years ago and ride for a few days, just get back on the road, I had some tires sent a couple of weeks ago, so here we go.”

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Honda loyalty

“It’s time to start. I’d really like to start now,” says Paul Frodi. The 2020 IDM Superstock Champion and 2021 Vice Class is now registered for the IDM Superbike. With his promotion, he plays a second Honda rider in the lineup alongside Luca Grunwald. Hohenstein- will not participate. 19-year-old Ernstthaler at IDM spring test in Valencia in a week and a half. Honda Germany’s Fireblade is still in the pipeline – from setting up the electronics to sponsor stickers and finding the right team name.” We’re in the starting blocks, but we still have to Project setup and running.” Paul Fröde has been the only Honda rider in the IDM Superstock 600 rating for the past three years, and has always been in the top three overall.

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