Ian and Patrick Hetter play for the USA in the World Handball Championship.

Ian and Patrick Hutter of TSV Bayer Dormagen have been nominated by American coach Robert Hedin for the 2023 World Handball Championships in Poland and Sweden.

(sitting) They are now almost part of the live stock of the USA national team, so it is almost certain that Swedish coach Robert Hedin will support brothers Ian and Patrick Hetter, who work for the second-tier handball team TSV Bayer Dormagen, for the 2023 World Cup favorites in Poland and Sweden.

However, the brothers are still honored to make it to the United States on an international level. “We’re really looking forward to the World Cup. After we couldn’t be there last year, the anticipation is even greater now,” says Ian Heater, who works as a playmaker and captain of the US boys’ team. At the tournament, which will be held in four Polish and five Swedish cities from January 11-29, North Americans were drawn into Group G for the group draw in July. There they meet Croatia, Egypt and Morocco. “It’s a tough group, but we want to measure ourselves against the big players and use the World Cup to see where we are at,” said Ian Hueter after the national team’s training session in Ystad, Sweden. Circuit player Patrick Hutterer is also at the World Cup finals with a clear goal: “We want to win in the group stage, and of course that’s probably against Morocco.” The American boys will also meet the North Africans in the first match on January 13th (kick-off at 6pm).

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Then, of course, fellow TSV teammates and fans sit in front of screens at home and keep their fingers crossed for the Guardians brothers and their squad.

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