I went to the emergency room for ‘appendicitis’ and came home with a baby

He was at a party when he suddenly felt severe abdominal pain.

The story of a girl named Carla Simpson who was at a party when she suddenly felt severe stomach pain spread.

It was believed that the appendix had burst. However, she was very surprised when she learned that she was in labor and that her daughter was about to give birth.

“I went to the hospital thinking I had appendicitis,” the young woman said in a TikTok video that quickly went viral.

In the article she posted on social media, Kayla explained that she was having regular periods. She even lost weight in the months leading up to the birth of her daughter Madi.

His story went viral, got millions of views and, as expected, generated all kinds of reactions.

“The way this is my biggest fear and it’s so scary”; “This is the worst nightmare I’ve ever dreamed of”; Some users wrote: “I can’t imagine having to process that I’m pregnant and having a baby in the same 24 hours.”

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