“I had a bad taste in my mouth”

After the arrest of the anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella on Monday 11 July, Arrested for sexually assaulting a patient during childbirthSome of his victims made statements to the Brazilian media.

One of the women Quintella treated said that after overcoming the effect of the sedation, I had a ‘bad taste in my mouth’. His mother made the statement on Sunday night to Globo TV and gave more details about the crimes.

The woman, one of three Giovanni treated on July 10, went into labor at 1 p.m. However, her husband couldn’t see her until 7 pm His mother said he reported “strange things” after the surgery.

Authorities arrested Quintella last week. photo courtesy

Similarly, the young woman indicated that she received a much stronger anesthesia dose than usual, such as In the case that Quintla was arrested for. So the women indicated that they passed out after labor ended.

Many women point out Quintilla

Another woman allegedly a victim of Quintella She claimed that she completely lost consciousness after giving birth. Thus, it was considered that she had also received more sedation than was necessary to give birth.

“I couldn’t talk anymore, because as soon as he left, I started to feel much softer and calmer. He said he would put me under general anesthesia. I took it and couldn’t remember anything else. I fainted,” he said of Quintla’s case.

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Authorities assume that Quintala could have raped up to 30 women. photo courtesy

Another woman said that on the day Quintla saw her dress fell off and the doctor kept looking at her body. “I realized The anesthesiologist looked at her breasts Then I asked him if he was cold,” according to the police report.

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Quintella was arrested on July 11 in Rio de Janeiro, after sexually assaulting a patient While the doctors performed a cesarean section. Authorities learned of the situation after seeing a video clip filmed by team members.

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