“I am not a believer in God, in 50 years many things will happen on earth, and great changes will happen.” Tesla | SpaceX | Science | Elon Musk | Science News | Malayalam Technology News

Elon Musk, president and billionaire of Tesla, says he’s not a traditional believer in God, but he wonders where it all came from. He also said that as someone who grew up in a scientific discipline, he did not have a traditional religion. At the same time, he often wonders where all this comes from. What is the meaning of life? How did we get here? Since then, questions have been raised. If the horizons of philosophy and reason were developed further, Musk added, we would be able to pose real questions about the universe. Musk was speaking at the invitation to the Forum “New Knowledge” at the invitation of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Musk spoke for 40 minutes on a variety of topics, including questions from Russian students. Musk talks about technology, artificial intelligence, space travel, neural computer interfaces, artificial RNA, DNA, and life on Earth 50 years from now.

The possibility of life on alien planets is not excluded

Musk also explained to children how he sees the future of humanity. He shared his dream of building a city on Mars after completing a base on the moon. At the same time, he did not exclude the possibility of life on alien planets.

How will life be after 50 years?

Musk said it wasn’t easy to predict what life would be like in 50 years. At the same time, he said, we can be certain that the future will not be the way we wanted it to be on Earth in 50 years. There will be no technology or artificial intelligence today. He noted that changes in space travel, neuromorphic interfaces, artificial RNA and DNA will be the most important.

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Building an antimatter spacecraft

He also talked about humanity’s journey outside the solar system. For this, he said, antimatter ships must be built at speeds of at least 10 to 20 percent of the speed of light. But before exiting the solar system, you have to lay the foundation on which you can survive on the moon and Mars. “This is the next step,” he said.

Humans must have different planetary cultures

When we think about the future, we see humans needing different planetary cultures. He is optimistic about the future. But the history lesson is that cultures are not constantly evolving. They will go up. Once you reach a level, you will go down again. He also warned that we may also suffer at some point in depression. Before that happens, we need to restore life to many planets. This is the first time in Earth’s 450 million year history that such a possibility has arisen. Musk said it should be implemented as soon as possible.

എന്ന് What is the presence of Tesla in Russia?

Musk told the students that bringing Tesla’s presence to Russia was a good move. The head of the company said that Tesla wants to have a presence not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan and neighboring regions. Speaking via the video link, Musk said it was important to fulfill the desires of Tesla fans like you.

∙ The Tesla Factory is also in Russia

Musk told the Russian students that the company wants to build Tesla plants in Russia, as well as existing plants in California, Nevada and Shanghai, as well as factories under construction in Germany and Texas. He also revealed that Tesla wants to open factories in Russia and other parts of the world within a few days.

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English summary: I am not religious in the traditional sense, but at the same time I am curious about musk

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