Hypnotic and criticize his aspect ratio

These days on the broadcast platform Netflix it arrived hypnotic, the television series based on the literary work of Neil Gilman. The audience and critics talk about him well, but something caught the attention of viewers. Is the aspect ratio of the production images correct? Does The Sandman look bad in your eyes?

Does The Sandman look bad? Netflix responds

Sandman comics have a very large number of fans around the world, and therefore the TV series was highly anticipated by everyone. The magnifying glass has already been put into production since the first rumors.

Photo: © Netflix

Precisely for this reason, upon the release of the trailer, many fans noticed a strange thing, something that aroused a lot of controversy in the community: the aspect ratio of the images.

More specifically, while the visuals from The Sandman transported the viewer into a fantasy world and a stunning design, some people found the images in the trailer to be distorted, leading some to wonder if there was anything weird about the aspect ratio. We know when this aspect can positively or negatively affect the entire production. Changing or distorting the aspect ratio can give a movie a strong character, but also destroy it completely.

Netflix’s answer

After the release of the long-awaited trailer, the series finally debuted on the streaming platform Netflix The August 5. what happened? What was the audience’s response? And above all, technically, has anything changed compared to what was previously seen in the official teaser? The answer to this last question is no!

In fact, the style and appearance of the trailer is also found within the episodes of the series! Therefore, the proportions seen in the trailer were not the result of a task that was not done correctly, but the result of careful stylistic selection. Netflix’s response wasn’t long in coming!

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In fact, based on As mentioned From Variety, a Netflix spokesperson revealed that this percentage was actually a thoughtful and deliberate choice. Specifically, the spokesperson said the visual choices were made to make the environments more surreal, so as to create what was then known as the Dream Kingdom.

Below we share the data with you:

“As you’ll notice, many of the environments in the series are surreal and we often say that’s exactly what the dream would be like.”

Case resolved

Therefore, thanks to this statement, we can determine if the aspect ratio is closed! Whether it is to your taste or not, the choice is clear, thought out and now there is no doubt about it! Fortunately for the production, despite the initial criticism regarding the lineage, The Sandman now boasts many Positive Reviews Fans of comics say they are satisfied. In fact, television production has been found to be consistent and compatible with the paper counterpart.

In short, the production and cast seem to have done a good job! Before concluding, we remind you that at work in this production we find caliber names Tom SturridgeAnd the Gwendolyn ChristieAnd the John Cameron MitchellAnd the sleep and sleepAnd the patton oswalt, David Theolis And the Jenna Coleman.

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