Hurricane in Paderborn → More than 40 people injured and millions damaged May 20, 2022, FW vehicle – was also destroyed

Paderborn (Germany): During a thunderstorm at noon on Friday, May 20, 2022, a hurricane cut the path of destruction from west to east through downtown Paderborn in the direction of the eastern parts of the city. According to the police report, the storm caused between 30 to 40 injuries, at least 10 of them seriously.

The damage caused is not yet clear. From Riemekeviertel through the city center to the industrial Auf dem Dören and then via Benhausen to Neuenbeken, many roads are impassable. Some accidents also obstruct traffic.

The city center gardens are closed and impassable as of the early evening hours of 20 May 2022. Roofs have been torn off from the halls in the industrial area Auf dem Dören. Sheet metal, insulation and other materials were transported for kilometers. Countless roofs covered or badly damaged. Many trees remain on the destroyed cars. Bus services are severely disrupted and are no longer possible on some routes. The railway line from Paderborn to Altenbeiken is blocked.

The police are asking residents not to approach these areas or roam around them and to stay in the areas inside homes. Traffic that remains congested hinders emergency services. Countless dangerous points are not locked. All available troops have been deployed. The call to action in the damage zone: Stay home!

Police update at 11:38 p.m.

After the devastating storm, cleaning and security work is underway in Paderborn. Some public areas remain closed. Penzlinger Strasse will remain closed overnight. All roads are free again. The work of firefighters, THW, and other helpers continues.

The number of wounded reached 43 people. Of these, 30 are currently being treated in Paderborn hospitals. Ten people were seriously injured. A woman had to be taken to a clinic in Bielefeld in the evening. Her life is in danger.

The police presence is noticeably increased throughout the night, especially in the affected areas.

An urgent appeal to residents of the affected areas to stay in their homes for their own safety remains in effect. The wind picks up again and again and there are still many unsafe points of danger. An increased risk of strong winds is also expected in the affected areas on Saturday.

In order not to impede the work being carried out on the weekend, the city area should be widely bypassed. The Paderborn Fire Brigade reported on Twitter at midnight that 458 emergency services were on duty!

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