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In the past few days in California, the HSV squad has been swept away by a wave of disease. The strong air conditioning at the team’s hotel in Anaheim may have played its part.

Other than that, there were almost no negative stories during the 10 days in the US. “It was a lot of fun for everyone. It’s impressive to experience so much in such a short time,” says coach Tim Walter (47), who returned to Hamburg with the team on Wednesday afternoon.

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The trip should have paid off especially on the team spirit.

Walter: “It was something that takes everyone and brings them together. I think that was exactly the point where we still needed to go. In order to achieve something, you need to stick together. It’s all about the team. We’re good, individually too, but no one can decide.” A match for us alone.”

Two friendlies, two visits to basketball and American football, as well as PR campaigns for the Bundesliga and occasional sightseeing in Los Angeles. Walter: “It was nice not to train at home, but we had a change. I loved how the boys were always out and about together.”

Especially in the second half of the trip, after appearing for US second-division club Orange County SC (1-0), Walter created a good atmosphere. Instead of being on the lawn in Irvine, a good half hour away, the coach had more training in a hotel. There was a spacious weight room and even a hall where professionals love to play basketball.

Walter: “We also trained. But I also gave the guys a lot of freedom. Of course, this was well received by the players. They often used it on trips to Los Angeles.

Walter scheduled a running session for Thursday. Friday we go to the field. On weekends there is a brunch with families. Auditions are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. The professionals then work through their individualized training plans at home.

Walter: “After the short break in the summer, the team is now working well to take a long break. To switch off and clear your head.”

On January 2nd it will continue to Volkspark.

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