How will light meters work to replace counters in Colombia

The change will create an Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI), allowing this “Measurement of electrical energy consumption, which takes advantage of communication systems and advances in technology”The Ministry of Mines and Energy explained, On his web page.

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The change was due to take place from 2020, but that year more consultations and studies were carried out. Now, noted El Tiempo, the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (Creg) has released AMI’s operating terms.

How will the new electricity meters work and whether the bill will go up

The government indicated that The devices “measure and record data regarding the use of electrical energy by users, at maximum intervals of one hourwith the ability to store and transmit this data, at least daily.

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The smart meter sends the energy consumption directly to the service provider, so there is no need to check the meter in person anymore. Next to, The user can be aware of the data.

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Among the advantages of the meters that will replace the meters, according to the ministry:

  • More information for users, who will be able to manage their energy consumption.
  • Free return service.
  • Improves communication between the service provider and the user.
  • Easy to read depreciation by the company remotely.
  • They reduce non-technical losses due to counter fraud and manipulation.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the prepaid service.
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The Ministry of Mines and Energy clarified that users who are within the AMI deployment plan “They will not get any increase in the electricity bill because of the smart meter installation.”.

However, if the user requests the smart meter from the company and it is not in the plan, Yes, you must bear the cost that may be reflected in the electricity bill.

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