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with the term Globalisation This refers to a certain type of phenomenon in which economic and trade exchanges and investments taking place on a global scale are intensified between entities of different countries. This process, which carries the economic interdependence between national economies, is reflected in individuals through the possibilities that only come true By exploiting the Internet.

Let’s talk about Belluno to make it clear what we’re talking about. Starting from the beginning of 2022, Belluno also started to rely on it high speed network Contacted by Open the fiber Follow the technical characteristics of optical fibers. This network is nothing more than a type of Internet connection capable, thanks to its high speed, to encourage the use of digital services.

With fast connection It equals about 10 gigabits per secondHaving a super-fast network allows companies to run faster and ordinary people to do so Use the Internet more freely.

From a purely statistical point of view, in fact, Internet use in terms of the amount of data per day passes through video streaming services: services like Netflix represented something like One-sixth of the world’s internet traffic And nowadays, thanks to such quick connections, it’s easy to see why.

Thanks to Belluno’s new Internet connection, it is possible to enjoy Netflix content in 4K without problems, and it can also be done on different devices at the same time: it is enough to have a sufficiently powerful router.

There is only one thing missing from this equation: freedom. The Internet today is not as free as it once was, and speaking again about Netflix, you immediately understand why we are so critical of describing the situation. The US video streaming service, for example, is one of the services that most of the world uses in regional blocks to decide what content you can see and what you almost can’t see.

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Fortunately, even from Belluno it is possible to overcome this kind of problem: that is enough Use a VPN.

Netflix and regional blocks

Well, let’s start with some tech talk first. the reason Cannot watch US Netflix Outside the US, it’s simple: Netflix offers content in National.

This means that the tables of different countries different from each other And the They don’t communicate. It is not possible in any “legal” way to watch US or French Netflix from Italian soil without exploiting the technical characteristics of the VPN.

This is not possible because national tables become available to users based on Geographical location from the last. Basically what happens is that Netflix implements some of it regional blocs each of its contents, ensuring that only the residents of a particular nation have access to a portion of its index.

Regional blocks are a very common tool when we talk about digital rights to manage the distribution of a product but they are unfair towards the end consumer who Subscription payment Then finding a table more or less rich does not depend on how much he pays but Depending on where it is.

How does a VPN help anyone who wants to watch US Netflix?

Let’s get back to VPNs now and why they are so useful in these situations. Regional blocks, to understand which content to block and which content to block, every time they meet a new user Analyze your IP address.

An IP address is an essential component of a device that connects to the Internet and is nothing more than a type of identification sequence that also contains information of a geographical nature.

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By parsing the IP address, the services modify their proposal, offering one catalog instead of another. VPNs work in this sector in a very simple and very effective way because they are able to Hide the IP address of those who connect to the IP address of one of their servers.

Companies that provide this type of service usually have a fleet of servers spread all over the world, and by taking advantage of this feature, an Internet user can pretend to be located in any part of the world.

Those who want to watch American Netflix from Belluno, all they have to do is activate their VPN subscription and connect to one of the different servers located in the USA. This way, the next time you connect to Netflix, the regional blocking system will recognize the IP address as US by presenting the program of the same name.

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