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The company that recaptured Concordia will release the container ship in the Suez Canal

AGI – Smit Salvage, the company trying to free the Suez Canal from the container ship Ever Given, stranded last Tuesday, is the same company that took care to reclaim the Costa Concordia, which crashed off the island of Gillio in 2012. said Peter Berdowski, Royal CEO Boskalis, the company that acquired Smit Salvage in 2010, told Dutch public television that the artificial strait clearance process in Egypt could take “days or even weeks.” In an interview with Berdowski on a talk show, he compared Ever Geffen, which is 400 meters long and has a capacity of 220,000 tons, to “a very heavy whale stranded on the shore.” Berdowski explained that Smit Salvage’s team “is evaluating a series of hypotheses to determine how best to free the ship flying the Panama flag”, stressing how important it is, for example, to “look at the amount of water and the amount of oil in the boat. These are calculations. Complexes.” The Japanese company, Shwe Kisen Kaisha, the owner of the ship, said today that it is working with the channel authorities to solve the matter, but the process is “very difficult”. Meanwhile, the blockade imposed on the canal is costing, according to Bloomberg estimates, $ 9.6 billion a day. And now, as companies begin to count damages, the first rumors of insurance claims are spreading. Suez Canal services provider Laith Wakalat said after a short overnight break that efforts to re-float Evergiven, the 220,000-ton-400-meter giant, resumed early this morning. In the past few hours, diggers have cleaned the sand and mud around the giant boat, while several tugs are trying to move the ship even further, already lying on one side of the canal. Finally, the excavators brought ashore free the arch section. Even the bad weather, from the sandstorm that hit the area and caused the accident at low tide in the past few hours, did not advocate a quick solution to the problem. It does not help the low tide at these hours. Dubai-based marine services company Gac reported that the vessel has partially resurfaced and is now along the canal bank. Convoys and traffic are expected to resume once the ship is towed elsewhere. The accumulation of at least 150 ships loaded with oil, auto parts and FMCGs on both sides of the trade channel, through which nearly 50 ships pass daily, is the preferred route for a third of global container vessel traffic. Large.

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