How to Edit or Cut Photos on WhatsApp


If you want to send an image via WhatsApp, but you don’t see everything that appears originally, we’ll show you how to crop it easily.

Pictures are very common items in conversations The WhatsApp. whether they are good night imagesto share the beautiful relics you see on your trip with your loved ones or to display the shoes you just bought, we all use pictures when chatting with our contacts.

However, sometimes we don’t want to share the entire photos, just a part of it. To do this, WhatsApp has a very simple photo editor that allows you to cut and adjust the size of the image that you will send. In this article, we explain step by step How to edit or cut photos on WhatsApp easily.

Learn how to edit or crop your WhatsApp photos, it’s very simple.

How to Edit or Cut Photos on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp photo editor is not very advanced, but it has enough to allow us to modify images to Add text, draw something on it, crop it and also rotate it. In this case, we will see how these last two functions work, crop and rotate images on the messaging platform.

The truth is that both tools are easily accessible You only need a few seconds of your time to use it. The explanations in this article are based on the WhatsApp for Android app, but the steps to follow are Same thing if you want to edit or crop an image from it WhatsApp Web. This is how you can do it:

  1. Open the app From WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the conversation in which you want to share the edited photo.
  3. Click on clip button from the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the list of options that appears, Click on “Gallery”.
  5. Inside the station gallery, select photo What do you want to send. It can be multiple photos at the same time.
  6. Click on cut button The one shown at the top is the one on the left.
  7. Select which part of the image you want to send. If you touch the button that appears at the bottom center of the screen, you can Also rotate the image. When you are done, press “Okay”.

How to Edit or Cut Photos on WhatsApp

You will be able to see a preview of the image that you will share on WhatsApp. If you wish, you can continue to edit it without problems. If you have already finished editing, Press the send buttonrepresented by the green button with an arrow to the right.

If you pay attention, you will see that it is to the right of the crop button Three other options also work for editing From the picture. You can add stickers and icons with the emoji button, write text with the T button and draw with the pencil button. As you can see, the WhatsApp photo editor is simple, but it allows us to Play with the look of the picture to get different results.

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