How to change the country on Netflix and see the catalog of each country

Netflix is ​​definitely one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The platform offers a wide range of movies, TV series, and documentaries, some of which are entirely original and awarded exclusives. So here’s how to expand your Netflix catalog without moving

In recent years, Netflix has greatly expanded the number of its subscribed users by providing High quality content. However, for commercial and administrative reasons, the catalog offered is different in every country in the world. So it happens that you want to watch a TV series or a file Movie not available on Netflix Italy But, perhaps, it can be returned to the United States. How do we do it then? We evaluate all alternatives available to us.

Some methods do not work

Let’s start with the methods that don’t work. The first is to log into the international domain of Netflix and try to register from there. This option is not working since then Your IP address provides the provider with some information about geographic location. In other words, the manager will see that the request is from Italy and will automatically be redirected to the Italian site. This also happens if you have a payment method from another country. More simply, having a US credit card does not allow you to create a US account.

Another method that does not work is secret browsing. It may seem superfluous, but Secret Browsing is totally overrated. It is simply useful not to log cookies and history, but to keep the IP address visible. Also, using decentralized networks like Tor does not work. Access will likely be blocked immediately.

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Use a VPN to access Netflix

A valid alternative is to use VPN. But What is a VPN? Let’s talk about an acronym for Virtual Private Network, that is, a virtual private network. Thus, this network allows you to Hide our real IP And – thus – our current source. This is a very useful tool for accessing the global Netflix catalog. This possibility is explained in the site’s FAQ. In fact, we read:

The licensing agreements for TV series and movies limit the content available in different geographic areas. When you use a VPN to access Netflix, your region is not visible, so Netflix shows content available in all regions of the world.

If you don’t see content that you think is available in your area, you may be using a VPN connection. To always display the same content library, log out of the VPN and try accessing Netflix again.

Go to a specific catalog

On the other hand, if you want to access a particular catalog without having to reside in that country, you can try another method. Many VPNs already allow you to choose which server you want to connect to. Thus, it will be possible to “pretend” to be in a certain place for a long time and not just in passing. In fact, Netflix reserves the right to show a different catalog if the time you spend in a foreign country is extended. This means the movie menu can change but, beware, fare conditions can change as well.

Other Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

When it comes to streaming content, the advantages of a VPN are not just limited to viewing different catalogs. Many network providers, in order to deal with the massive demand for bandwidth from users, tend to impose some Restrictions on streaming content. Because they are heavier and bulkier, they often benefit from a limited speed, well below that agreed in the contract or advertised. This limitation can repeat the inconveniencecaching effectOr that little wheel that cuts off the view from the most beautiful.

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VPNencryption of incoming and outgoing data packets, The provider will never show the visited sites. This means that bandwidth restrictions cannot be set. As a result, a VPN not only slows down the loading of content but in some cases speeds it up.

This option is definitely a life saver even when you log in Public Wi-Fi networkssuch as train stations or airports. In these cases, it is prohibited to view broadcast content directly. For entertainment even while waiting for your train, using a VPN is the best alternative. but The monthly cost is usually very low: For a few types of coffee a month, you will get all these benefits and effectively protect your privacy in any case.

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