How to avoid pressing keys with your ear when talking on the phone


Learn how to calibrate or reset the proximity sensor to avoid pressing keys with your ear when calling.

Let’s put ourselves in the position. We are making a phone call. During a call, we hear heartbeats on the phone, Sometimes the call is put on hold or even paused. We think the person we’re talking to is causing this problem, but we realize we were.

The proximity sensor can fail if it is not calibrated correctly

Is this story familiar? Sometimes this problem happened and The culprit is the proximity sensor. We don’t know if the problem is with the hardware or if we just have the sensor misconfigured. We wonder then How is the proximity sensor calibrated?. Let’s get rid of doubt. we will talk How to avoid pressing keys with your ear when talking on the phone.

Calibrate the sensor with apps

Sometimes the sensors on our mobile devices lose calibration. Some time ago we talked about how to do it See sensor calibration. In our case, the reason could be that because it is not properly balanced, it loses sensitivity and the screen remains on when the call is made.

The first thing we should do is Make sure the top of the device is clean. If the screen is clean, we will prevent the sensor from having problems. In most cases, Cleaning the screen should be enough to fix the problem.

If we still notice the problem after cleaning the screen, we must use apps to calibrate the sensor. The first thing to keep in mind is Test sensor calibration To see if the sensor has already been affected. Google Play has a long list of them, but to see if they do their job properly, we recommend apps like proximity sensor test 2.

If we see that The result with the application is negativeWe should try to reset the proximity sensor. Resetting the proximity sensor should solve the problem. We recommend using the “Reset Proximity Sensor” app to do this task. If it’s not a serious hardware issue, then we must have a solution.

Manually calibrate the sensor

If we are the kind of people who always prefer to solve problems manually, we have a solution to root the problem. In this case, it will be manually. To manually calibrate the sensor, we will need to press a number on our phone Open the sensor configuration menu.

This trick is for Androidso it won’t work for him Iphone. The number we need to call is \ ##6484#\ #. Once this number is dialed, we must get into the menu. Within that menu, tap the option proximity sensorIn this new list we will see number 5. This number Decreases based on how close we are to the sensor. Once we cover the sensor, it should be reset to zero. If this is the case, The proximity sensor should work fine.

Proximity sensor test on Android

How to manually open the proximity sensor test on Android

If it does not work as it should, follow the steps that our mobile will indicate to see if it fixes it. We will check if the problem is coming from the sensor or if it is a hardware issue. If it is the latter, we recommend that you take the mobile phone for repair or ask for warranty As long as our mobile phone is in repair period.

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