How to add emojis to WhatsApp: A step-by-step guide


Emojis never hurt and if we can have a few, why not?

Although WhatsApp contains hundreds of emojis, we know that they will never be enough, just as we brought you More than 6 thousand stickers To download, now it’s your much needed and appreciated emoji turn. these Funny icons allow us to express ourselves in a faster and more effective wayBecause with a single emoji we can say how we feel, what we ate, which country we are from, and more, without having to type an entire word or paragraph.

Which is that since we started using some punctuation and letters to make a face on those old cell phones, it was already possible to expect those now labeled emojis to exist at some point. So, if you are one of those people who use emojis for almost any situation, keep reading this article, because we will explain it in detail. How you can add new emoji to your whatsapp easily.

WhatsApp emojis on your Android phone.

Will there be new emojis in the future?

Before I start explaining how you can get new emojis in WhatsApp, you should know that There is a standardwhich allows you to use an emoji in a different operating system or a smartphone and that it always expresses the same meaning, which, by the way, if you are interested, we have an article with Meaning of all WhatsApp emoji And another one with the most used emoji in every country.

This standard is regulated by the website unicode.orgwhere You can see all the emojis that are currently there And all those that have been proposed to be included in the future. So it’s easy to conclude that the new emojis will continue to make their way to various apps, including WhatsApp, but if you can’t wait, we’ve got plenty of options here.

The most used emoji in the world.  jpg

Discover the most used emojis in every part of the world

Use WhatsApp beta

In case you didn’t know, WhatsApp, like many other applications, has the option to install a beta version of its application in which new features and updates appear before they are rolled out in the official application, and among these new new features are emojis that will arrive on your platform. However, you should know that since it is a beta version, some updates may not work as expected. If you want Be a part of the WhatsApp beta program, here we leave you step by step.

Create your own emoji from Google keyboard

If you use Gboard, the Google keyboardAnd You have the option to create your own emoji with the job emoji kitchenwhich allows you to make hundreds of combinations between existing emojis. Here you have 83 combinations So you have an idea of ​​what you can do with emoji kitchen.

Third Party Applications

Animoji on SwiftKey

Finally, we will always have the option to install a third-party app to improve our user experience, in which case there are several options available, such as memojian application that allows you to create emojis from your face or Swiftkey, a keyboard with exciting options and funny animal emojis. The only details of using an app outside of WhatsApp is that They may flood you with ads or even steal your information (what you write) to sell it to third parties.

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