How Rosalia became the queen of world clubs. GQ interview

He told me, “I can only speak from the point of view of the truth, which does not mean that it is the truth.” “For me, composing music is a human manifestation. It is what makes me wake up excitedly in the morning, and it keeps me hopeful, the most sincere way of communicating.”

He continues, speaking clearly on a topic he has thought about often. “One of the reasons I became a musician was because I would have the opportunity to travel, learn new things and meet new people,” she says. “All these things affect me as a person, and I want them to affect my voice as well…I understand and empathize with people who may have different feelings, but the truth is that if I stop thinking there is a right or wrong way to get inspiration, I won’t be able to composing music. There are many things, many people, that have influenced me, that have allowed me to make my music. If you choose a few musical styles, it is understandable that classico reggae, dimbo, bachata, and bolero are all present. It is all the result of love, admiration and utmost respect.”

A few weeks after we met, Motomami – The product of audio exploration and internal investigation profession – its release date is approaching. This show is in keeping with Rosalía’s high rank: the singer appears in Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon not as musical entertainment but as a full-fledged guest, he praises the host for his “moto-pope” energy. lead in Saturday Night LiveHe sings in Spanish in front of an audience of millions of people. And then, the night before the official release, he aired a special taped show for his TikTok. He cuts most of the album short into a varied half hour, using the app’s many unmistakable special effects and playing with the idea that the phone would consume them all.

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The performance, assertive and emphatic, designed for the widest audience you can imagine, vividly reaffirms one thing. With her first two albums, Rosalía has created a world in which she has welcomed listeners. But he did so in such a way that his new work, and all his future work—disdainfully, exquisitely messy, unmistakably of his own making—will emerge in a world of pop music, subtly shaped but indelible by his influence.

Chica, ki dices? She answers: “It must.”

Production Credits:

picture Jack Bridgeland
design by Oliver Folkwardsen
Poetry Sergio Serpent with One Off Artists using Sebastian
Make-up Mario Boutella for Rosalía using MAC Cosmetics
nails Anna Sancho
sewing Perez Cadenas Band
design mode Chloe Road at Dice Agency
produced Susanna and Kiko at BCN Skies Productions

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