How much will Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral cost?

state funeral Queen Isabel II On Monday 19 September in London, in the presence of about 500 foreign dignitaries.

The coffin will be moved from the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the British Parliament, to Westminster Abbey, where a religious service will be held. The coffin will then be moved to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It is the UK’s largest international event in decades.

How much does an event like this cost?

State funerals are funded from public funds, but their exact financial cost has not been reported.

An estimate can be made from the estimated cost of previous funerals. According to the Evening Standard, the cost of the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002 was about £5.4 million (€6.22 million, or just over 125 million Mexican pesos). However, a state funeral was not considered, so the cost of Elizabeth II’s funeral would certainly be much higher.

In 1997, the funeral of Diana, known as the People’s Princess, ex-wife of Prince Charles, cost between 3 and 5 million pounds (3.46 and 5.76 million euros, or between 69 million and just over 133 million Mexican pesos).

That is, not counting the cost that Carlos III’s coronation would incur.

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