How Much RAM Each iPad Model: The Complete List

This is how much RAM each iPad model has arrived.

It is clear that Apple iPads are an important space of tablet sales worldwide, among others thanks to its impressive performance in almost any situation. In this sense, it is quite clear that iPadOS is quite related, but Hardware helps too.

Apple is usually not very clear about Amount of RAM It includes every one of your devices, something that also happens when you try to view How Much RAM per iPhone Model?. However, over time, this data has always become known, which is why we tried Update this information.

RAM For each iPad model, how many gigabytes does each device have?

As mentioned, though RAM is not always mentioned Between the specifications of each iPad model since each one is usually set up to work correctly with the corresponding gigabytes of RAM, the truth is that they always end up knowing each other. Precisely for this reason, from 9to5Mac collected history Amounts of RAM Apple has been integrating with every iPad model released yet.

How Much RAM Each iPhone Model: Complete List

In this way, every Apple iPad released to date comes with the following Amounts of RAMwhich has increased over time:

  • iPad Pro 11, 3rd generation: 8 or 16 GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation: 8 or 16 GB
  • iPad Air 5th generation: 8 GB
  • iPad mini 6th generation: 4GB
  • iPad 9th generation: 3 GB
  • iPad Air 4th generation: 4GB
  • The eighth generation of iPad: 3 GB
  • iPad Pro 11, 2nd generation: 6 GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation: 6 GB
  • The seventh generation of iPad: 3 GB
  • iPad mini 5th generation: 3 GB
  • iPad Air 3rd generation: 3 GB
  • iPad Pro 11″: 4 or 6 GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9: 4 or 6 GB
  • The sixth generation of iPad: 2 GB
  • iPad Pro 10.5: 4GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9 second generation: 4GB
  • The fifth generation of iPad: 2 GB
  • iPad Pro 9.7: 2 GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9: 4GB
  • iPad mini 4th generation: 2 GB
  • The third generation of iPad mini: 1 GB
  • iPad Air 2: 2 GB
  • iPad mini 2nd generation: 1 GB
  • iPad Air: 1 GB
  • ipad mini: 512MB
  • The fourth generation of iPad: 1 GB
  • The third generation of iPad: 1 GB
  • iPad 2nd generation: 512MB
  • original iPad: 256 MB
iPad models

Each Apple iPad has built in a different amount of RAM

In this way, as you may have achieved, Over time, Apple has increased the amount of RAM on every iPad.. While the original iPad was only 256MB, the latest iPad Pro is 16GB with the highest capacity. It is clear that over time, the consumption of applications, games and the operating system has increased significantly.

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