How much does a food delivery man earn in Australia | video

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one of the jobs Gaining strength in recent years is food delivery from different companies Connecting. This has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago and Many restaurants had to implement home delivery.

However, this job can be an excellent option to generate additional income A Spanish Tik Tok user revealed how much he earns per week as a food delivery boy in Australia And more extra income With full pay.

The delivery worker describes how much he earns per hour, approx. Per hour you earn between 30 and 40 Australian dollarsHe rests on Saturdays and works only two hours on Sundays. What gives a week A total of $1800 in total.

TheTik Tok users were surprised to find out this number And they started asking him how much he pays for taxes, petrol, housing, and so on. what The user answered his questions with a series of videos about his way of living in Australia Being a food delivery man.

For their part, other users commented on how much they earned in their country, some of them Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico came to reveal that she earned about $10 and $15 almost a day, which showed a clear difference between salaries between Latin America and Australia.


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