How is spatial sound activated on Netflix? It has just been launched for everyone

A little less than a year after Spatial Audio for iPhone and iPad was announced on Netflix, the eagerly awaited announcement has finally arrived: Netflix spatial audio officially lands on all devices.

in official noteThe company said spatial sound function Coming to Netflix today. To find the first compatible titles, simply use the search function in the app and type “spatial sound“.

This interesting novelty joins the already dense set of features that make Netflix a top-tier platform, including streaming in 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and premium Netflix calibration mode.

As described in the official support, in the presence of a non-surround sound system, Spatial audio will be activated by default For all supported titles. If you have a surround system instead, Netflix suggests using Dolby Atmos or 5.1 modes.

Also clarifies support, some TVs may automatically set the audio output to 5.1: this setting, Even when there is no ambient sound, it will mute the spatial soundSo, it is advised to go to your TV’s audio settings and set it to Stereo.

After knowing how to use spatial audio on all devices, you might be interested in discovering some other hidden features of the platform. For example, have you ever wondered how to turn off Are You Still Watching on Netflix?

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