How does the free training, online and in Spanish from Europe that allows you to work abroad work

Finland offers a free course in Artificial Intelligence with no prior knowledge required

Artificial Intelligence (AI) It is a technological field in constant growth, and its application is increasing on all digital platforms.

Without a doubt, it is One area with more future workAs more and more companies and entities are turning to the use of artificial intelligence in their businesses.

In this context, the government Finland announced the launch of a completely free and multilingual virtual course providing artificial intelligence tools Perfect for looking for work anywhere in the world. Goal artificial intelligence elements It is to teach the basics of this technology to anyone interested on the planet, with no prior knowledge of the field required.

The course is taught by the University of Helsinki with local AI firm Reaktor.  (Reuters/Ints Kalnins/File)
The course is taught by the University of Helsinki with local AI firm Reaktor. (Reuters/Ints Kalnins/File)

The course, as indicated by the Government of Finland, is about “gift to the world” which Finland left at the end of its EU Council presidency in 2019. It was developed by the University of Helsinki consortium and Finnish artificial intelligence company Reaktor, which created the free online course.

Although it is important to note that this course In itself No guarantee of getting a job, yes It is a very useful tool for anyone, because if the practical exercises are completed in a good way, it is possible to obtain an accredited diploma.. All this from the comfort of a home, it will only be necessary to have an Internet connection and a computer.

Course contents

the classroom artificial intelligence elements Consists of 6 seasons Which in turn is organized into three sections. Each section has Practical exercises aimed at assessing and finding out whether the theoretical content has been understood. Among other things, the training introduces students to the foundations of artificial intelligence, working on ultra-modern concepts such as machine learning or neural networks And the practical applications of artificial intelligence in solving specific problems in any sector or field of daily life.

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the classroom It does not have a specific period because it will depend on the time allotted to it and the speed of each student. Those without any experience will be able to start from the beginning and follow the suggested arrangement, but those who already have experience in the field will be able to access the different modules as they wish.

After all, Finland’s government’s course is that Available in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish and more languageshas short, direct and concise texts that anyone can understand, regardless of whether or not they have previous ideas about programming or web development.

Although AI seems remote and reduced to large labs where they try to develop robots that are indistinguishable from humans, multiple AI systems are everywhere, from the cell phones that everyone has in their pockets to cars, in homes and even in factories. For this reason, the course offered by Finland is very promising, it provides a tool with diverse applications and career opportunities.

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