How do you know if someone is watching Netflix at your expense

Although Netflix is ​​trying to cancel the account sharing practice, it’s possible that in the past you’ve shared your account with friends, relatives or acquaintances, perhaps just for a moment: know that there is a way to check if someone still has access to your account. Here’s how to tell if anyone is watching Netflix at your expense.

The procedure is really easy, instant and accessible to everyone. It is enough, in fact, to go to the Netflix page, via the computer and a web browser (the application does not work), and log into your account.

To see who is watching and checking our Netflix account, simply click on the icon at the top right of your profile. After clicking on a profile PresentAll you have to do is scroll the settings window to the bottom, and choose the wording “recent broadcast activity”.

How do you know if someone is watching Netflix at your expense

In this section, as can be easily understood, there is a record of all accesses to the platform, complete with the location and IP address associated with the device.

It must be said that in our history we have observed many suspicious activities, with arrivals arriving from all over Italy. We are sure that some of these are “false alarms”. Or rather, we get to know all the names of the devices that have access to the platform, but the IP addresses and geo-origins don’t seem to be 100% correct.

However, if you don’t share the account with anyone, it will be easy to identify the devices that are not part of the devices you use to access the platform. For example, if you find a TV that you don’t own with access to Netflix, someone will enjoy your movies and TV series at your expense.

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How do you know if someone is watching Netflix at your expense

To solve the problem, just go back to the main settings screen, by clicking on the words “Sign out of the account on all devices”. This way, all devices with saved access will be disconnected.

Of course, before doing that, we recommend that you change your Netflix login password. This way, no malicious person will be able to log in with your old, saved passwords.

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