How are the United Kingdom, England and Great Britain different?

Many of us refer to England, United Kingdom and Great Britain as synonyms. Nothing is further from reality. It is also common to call Brits in English, whether they belong to England or not. Another mistake we usually make and we must take into account the following explanation.

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Differences between the United Kingdom, England and Great Britain

In the first place, we must adhere to the geographical standard. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea there are several islands. The most famous Great Britain Island and the island of ireland. In this first section we note that Three of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom are in Great Britain: England, Scotland and Wales. Here the political standard appears. fourth country Northern Ireland is located on the other big island. It should be noted that the Republic of Ireland (not to be confused with Northern Ireland) became independent from the United Kingdom in the last century.

Hence the importance of not calling a Briton an Englishman, because he could be Scottish or Welsh. It will always be better to use English.

The strange case of the Olympics

Although England, Scotland and Wales compete as independent teams in sports competitions, athletes do so under the UK flag at the Olympics. At the recent Olympics in Tokyo, for example, they competed under the name Britain And use the termTeamGBTo refer to the team, although the British Olympic Association (BOA) clarified that the team’s full title was The Olympic Team of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, who can compete on this team?:

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  • constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and those athletes from Northern Ireland who would like toIt can also compete under the Irish flag
  • Three dependencies for the crown: Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey
  • All the British Overseas Territories except for the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Bermudawhich has its own Olympic Committee

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