Hosts Costa Rica and Australia open the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in August

Hosts Costa Rica and Australia open the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Final on August 10, according to the competition’s four group draw, which was held Thursday in San Jose.

Jose coach of Costa Rica: “We want to give the best possible performance, but we have to go step by step. We have never won a match in the Women’s World Cup, so we have to get the first victory and then improve.” Katuya said.

“What an exciting opportunity to open the World Cup. It will be a great experience. In fact, it really is,” said his Australian counterpart Leah Blainey, referring to the ceremony attended by the 16 coaches. of the participating teams.

The meeting will take place at the National Stadium, one of the stadiums selected by the organization to host the 32 matches of the tournament, along with Alejandro Moreira Soto de Alajuela.

“On behalf of FIFA, I thank everyone involved in organizing this much-anticipated tournament here in Costa Rica which marks the return of football leagues after the pandemic,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The National Theater is the venue for the lottery.

Costa Rica and Australia are seeded in Group A, along with strongmen Brazil and Spain, the favorites to lift the cup on the 28th of the same month.

“It’s a complicated group, but I know the girls will do their best,” said Shirley Cruz, the most famous player in Costa Rica history who decided her team’s fate during the draw.

The second group includes Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and Colombia.

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C is found in France, Nigeria, South Korea, and Canada.

And in D were located Japan, the current champion of the category, the United States, Ghana and the Netherlands. The Japanese team lifted the title in 2018, when the competition was held in France.

“Four years have passed and we have a new group of players. This is a new challenge. We don’t feel pressure but of course we want to win the title,” Japan coach Futoshi Ikeda said.

Among the main stars that could participate in the World Cup are Australia’s Marie Fowler, American Alexis Misimo, Germany’s Lysanne Gruy and Camila Coffer, France’s Alice Sompath, Spain’s Andrea Medina, Brazil’s Giovanna Queiroz and Japan’s Maya Hijikata. Imo and yama.

This will be the 10th edition of the tournament, after there was no competition in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That year, the organization was responsible, as a whole, with Costa Rica and Panama. However, while the virus has demonstrated its reach, the Panamanian authorities have backed down.

Its Costa Rican counterpart remained on board, which is why FIFA, after canceling the tournament entirely, decided to give it a place again for 2022.

This is the second edition of the World Cup organized by Costa Rica in its history, after the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2014, at that time, it set a record number of fans for a women’s tournament for younger ages.

According to FIFA data, throughout that tournament 28,4320 fans entered 32 matches. Even in the opening match at the National Stadium, in the presence of Costa Rica, 35,000 people were recorded selling.

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