His Excellency revealed that he is close to leaving football and working in the United States

He avoided ending his career. After it was officially introduced with Houston Dynamo subordinate MlAnd the Hector Herrera He revealed that before taking the big step in football, he hesitated to give up his dream as a footballer, because he thought about leaving football and looking for a job in it. United State: The American Dream.

In an interview with TUDN, HH He told how the process was before debuting with Pachuca He was about to push him away. However, his family and partner were key for him to take the “big leap”.

“I think debuting for me was very difficult because I had periods where it seemed like I was first, and it seemed like I wasn’t. The team is in the Club World Cup, I did not play, I was not registered., I was accompanying the team, I came back, they sent me on loan in the second division where I thought it would all be over.

“When I came back I didn’t know what future I had, whether to stay at the club or if they would put me back in second place. We thought of coming to the States for work, and I asked him to let me try one last time to see if we could surprise Efrain Flores who It was the coach who hosted me. I think that moment was the most difficult moment for me,” he said.

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