Highlights of the Expanded Agenda of the Guatemalan Foreign Minister in Costa Rica

Many of the press releases disclosed here reflect Pecaro’s meetings with the new head of state, Rodrigo Chaves, who gave him “the greetings and congratulations of the people and government of Alejandro Giamatti on the continuation of the historically positive and vital bilateral relationship.”

In his dialogue with Chavez, the Foreign Minister affirmed the joint efforts to move forward in consolidating the region of peace, democracy, security and development, according to the official statement.

In particular, the existing strategic alliance between the two countries in the fields of trade, investment and tourism; and in promoting proposals and actions on regional and global issues such as combating climate change, the green agenda, economic recovery, and the effects of the conflict in Ukraine.

Piccaro also held a dialogue with his Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Alparís, on issues of international cooperation for development, trade, investment and regional integration.

According to the local foreign ministry, the foreign minister had an interview with the Vice President of Ecuador, Alfredo Enrique Borrero, to whom he expressed his satisfaction with the update of the Agreement on Partial Scope of Economic Integration that entered into force on April 1 this year. public.

For his part, Borrero acknowledged the importance of Guatemalan investments in Ecuador and agreed with his interlocutor in maintaining an ongoing political dialogue in line with 132 years of bilateral relations.

Likewise, in a meeting with Chilean Foreign Minister, Antonia Origola, Picaro discussed strengthening joint action to enhance trade opportunities and cooperation in order to revitalize the economy of Quetzal Land, two years after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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