Here is the trailer and release date for the new series

Dragon Age Added to a very long series of projects Netflix Inspired by the world of video games, which are becoming more and more loved.

there More resounding seriesbut it is certainly not the first, among those dedicated to video games the magicianThe show is inspired by the epic novels of Geralt of Rivia (which you find on amazon).

But there is a lot more now Netflix Products that benefit from video game licenses. Among the upcoming companies there are also day series Horizon Zero Dawnabout which some details have emerged.

not to mention My voiceAnd the That after hitting the box office in the cinema is preparing to come back with him New show on Netflix Where we saw our first teaser.

mark geek weekNetflix took the opportunity to show News and announcements of new offers Connected to the world of video games in a single day, today, it is entirely dedicated only to this branch of products.

And this time it’s time Dragon Age Access the broadcast platform catalog using Dragon Age: Forgivenesswhich will appear for the first time Netflix to me Dec.

There is also the first tractor:

Created in collaboration with BioWare, Dragon Age: Absolution is set in Tevinter It features a set of new characters inspired by the story Dragon AgeIncluding elves, wizards, knights, konari, red knights, demons and other special surprises.

While we wait for more details, we know that a file Show Sarah MARGRID SCOTTwhile Dragon Age: Absolution will be produced by red dog culture house.

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This series will definitely be a good way to pass the wait Dragon Age: Dred Wolfthe new title of the saga that was unveiled some time ago.

Hope this project Live up to its name. Unbelievable idea about the new series vampireAnd the From which we saw a new trailer a few days ago.

Ahead of Geeked Week, Netflix premiered a new trailer for Anime series inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 movie: feast your eyes.

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