Here are all the semi-finalists for Estonia

As November begins, more and more air in the National Finals is starting to breathe, and here are 187 days before the start ofEurovision 2023 Which will be held in LiverpoolEstonia He reveals the twenty names that will compete to represent the Baltic Republic in European Kermes.

The 20 names were chosen from 217 songs that were sent to the Public Broadcasting Corporation Error It was announced on November 1 and 2 during two episodes of Ringwad, a popular Estonian entertainment talk show. here they are:

  • Annette x Freddy – Need to move On

  • bed linen – monsters

  • Enger – Waiting for you

  • Linalac, Ponzo – Egg

  • M Els – Very good at what you do

  • Robin Goekhenthal – Corpus Matused

  • Merlin – unicorn feelings

  • Mine – Üks samm korraga

  • neon and miko letters – Tokimeki

  • primary – poison

  • Andreas – Why do you love me?

  • Elica – bridges

  • Carlos Ocarida – Whiskey won’t be forgotten

  • ELLIP – beautiful girl

  • Elisa – bad philosophy

  • Jank – glass house

  • kao – Falik

  • Melek – Togo

  • Sisi – Lighthouse

  • Wiiralt & Ultima Thule – Salalak

In the cast identified by the Estonian commission, we find the newcomers but also the names previously seen, such as Elisa (In the third participation after the third place last year and the participation in 2015, then she received the Elisa Kolk Award), Malik Samel (for the first time solo after participating with Tenfold Rabbit), Sisi (Second in 2021 and spokesperson in the same year) H Robin Goekhenthalis the only one of the actors to have previously won an awardEstee lol In 2010, after being eliminated in the semi-finals with the song “Siren”.

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A group of semi-finalists from Estee lol The song selection this year is exceptionally diverse.” Tommy Rahulathe product responsible for the commission Estee lol.

For Rahula, in the semifinals there are songs that can please everyone, a mixed crew that ranges from ballads to hyperpop, with songs in Estonian, English and even Japanese.

All songs will be published on December 2, while it will be necessary to wait until January 12 and 14, 2023, when 10 songs will be presented on each of the two evenings.

As usual, there will be two rounds of voting: in the first round, the juries and public voting will choose the first four artists to make it directly to the final, while in the second round only, the television dialogue will determine the last two artists who will be able to make it to the final.

Thus, the final will consist of 12 songs and many artists and groups and will take place on February 11, 2023 (the same day as the San Remo final), again divided into two parts.

In the first phase of voting, the three finalists, who once reached the final, will be televised for the last time, will be decided by jurors and television, which will determine the winner who will represent Estonia at Liverpool.

Estonia towards Eurovision 2023

Estonia was the first Baltic republic to participate inEurovision Song Contesttrying to acquire a stake in 1993 but was disposed of in Kvalifikacija za Millstreetan introductory round of skimming.

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Since 1994, except for 1995, he participated every year, and in 2001 won Dave Benton, Tunil Badar and the group 2XL With the song “Everyone”, which achieved the third highest score in the history of the competition (198 points).

Among the Baltics is the nation with the best results, having reached the top ten, most recently obtained in 2018 with Elena Nesheva and the piece “La Forza,” a vocal practice sung entirely in Italian that reached number eight in Lisbon.

everybody ‘Eurovision 2022 Estonia ranked thirteenth with Stephan (who is going to be a father soon) and the song “Hope” managed to reach the top 10 on TV and 12 on TV from Armenia, the actor’s home.

L ‘Eurovision 2023 It will take place in Liverpool, UK, due to Ukraine’s inability to host the event, despite the victory in Turin with the Kalush and “Stefania” orchestras.

they will be 37 participating countriesAs usual, Italy will already be in the final being a member of the Big Five alongside the UK, Germany, Spain and France.

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